The new album, Bad Ax County is back from Mystery Room Mastering and is now available on bandcamp for preview and download! Please take a listen and also check out the lyrics that were added for each song.

CDs will be available in my merch box and website store. The digital album will be available via Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, etc. within 1-2 weeks.

>>Booking for spring and part of summer so if you’d like to hear these songs in your venue or festival please email. <<


Lou Shields is an Artist, Musician, Skateboarder, Rambler and Teacher who has been living and working in the Chicago area his entire life but the road is truly his home. He has recently relocated his home base to a remote cabin in the Driftless Region of Southwestern Wisconsin. He travels extensively, exploring America’s urban and rural character and draws on these life experiences when making his work.

His original music is rooted in pre and post war 20th century America with a 21st century perspective. He has a deep appreciation for Delta Blues, Country Blues, Folk, early Country and beyond. Shields continues that tradition with respect in the 21st century and may best be described as Americana/American Roots Music.

Lou is a solo performing artist; he sings, plays National Guitar, Banjo and harmonica. He sits on top of a stage riser built from reclaimed materials and can reproduce that front porch sound anywhere he goes. Lou uses a bass stomp on his left foot and a broken skateboard with bottle caps nailed to it on his right foot.

Between the years 2007-2013 Shields released two full-length and 11 EPs recorded live, styled after the field recordings taken by various collectors in the 20th century. In late 2014 Shields released a full album based on a selection of these songs titled “Cold Water Collection”. In January of 2015 he released another live studio album titled “American Relic”. In the summer of that same year he released a vinyl only album called “Deep River”.